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One Stop Shop opens at Wrightington Hospital

News Date: 2nd February 2007

Orthopaedic patients at Wrightington are set to benefit when a new One Stop Shop at Wrightington Hospital opens it’s doors on Monday 5 February 2007. 

The One Stop Shop means a more effective and efficient visit to hospital for patients as there will be fewer trips to hospital for patients to prepare for and receive treatment.  Basically, patients will come to Outpatients to see their Orthopaedic Consultant Surgeon as usual. If the doctor decides day case surgery is appropriate, the patient will see a nurse to check they are fit and ready for surgery. An anaesthetist will be consulted if needed. Everything that needs to be done will be done in just one visit so instead of several visits to hospital, the patient will have seen all the appropriate clinical people.

At the end of the One Stop Shop visit patients will be able to arrange a date for their operation and so will know exactly what is happening about their treatment when they go home.

Jacqui Flynn, General Manager at Wrightington said “Many of our patients are elderly and find trips to hospital quite exhausting. Others have work and childcare commitments that make additional hospital appointments difficult. The Day Case One Stop Shop will save time and energy for everyone”. She added “ We think patients will like the certainty of being given an operation date there and then rather than being added to a waiting list”.

The new clinic is based in newly refurbished rooms in the Outpatient department at Wrightington hospital and will be open from 9.00am to 5.30pm on weekdays.

The government has set a target for NHS Trusts of 18 weeks wait from referral by the patient’s GP to treatment. The Day Case One Stop Shop is an important step towards streamlining the patient’s journey and meeting this target. By reducing the administrative burden of arranging additional visits, the new clinic will also improve efficiency at the hospital.

Andrew Foster, Chief Executive of WWL NHS Trust, says: “ This is an exciting new initiative which will certainly improve the patients journey and experience through hospital and is unique way of using the hospital’s valuable resources more efficiently and effectively”