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Trust Surgeon receives Landmark Award

Newsdate: 2nd March 2009

Leading Wrightington Wigan and Leigh Surgeon, Mr Aslam Mohammed, was delighted to receive an award in recognition of his invaluable contribution to helping sports men and women, mainly footballers and rugby players, recover faster and permanently from ligament injuries.

Andrew Mackie from Biocomposites pictured left and Surgeon, Aslam Mohammed pictured right
Left to right: Andrew Mackie from Biocomposites and Trust Surgeon, Aslam Mohammed

A Bilok Screw

Mr Mohammed was instrumental, along with other colleagues, in developing the Bilok screw - an innovative device that actually becomes part of the repaired ligament and bone by absorption in the body

This development or similar technique is now used by orthopaedic surgeons all over the world and has replaced the need for direct metal pins and screws to repair ligaments, which often became loose and resulted in the patient requiring further surgery.

Mr Mohammed said: “I am pleased to receive this award and would like to thank Biocomposites for recognising my collaboration in this biological ligament technique.  There is no doubt that this innovative development has aided the quick rehabilitation and recovery of patients and improved the quality of their lives. 

Mr Andrew Mackie, Product Manager at Biocomposites Ltd said: “The Bilok screw represented the world’s first globally marketed calcium composite interference screw for reconstruction of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL).

The Bilok screw has now become the first to clinically demonstrate, in a peer reviewed journal, absorption and replacement by bone at the implant site.  Biocomposites would like to thank Mr Mohammed for his invaluable contribution towards achieving this unique clinical landmark and a pioneering spirit towards advancing the field of sports medicine”.
An X-Ray view of a Bilok Screw

The presentation of the award highlights a continuing story of medical success at Wrightington Hospital, one of the country’s leading orthopaedic centres, which treats over 60, 000 patients a year and trains surgeons from all over the world.