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Rainbow Ward Christmas Surprise

Newsdate: 25th November 2009

Sick children on Wigan’s Royal Albert Edward Infirmary Rainbow Ward are in for a Christmas surprise, courtesy of the Stonecross restaurant, Yew Tree Way, Golborne. 

In October 2009, the restaurant had approached local companies in and around the Wigan borough and asked them to donate gifts for children, who would be spending Christmas time on the Trust’s children’s ward. 

The request received a tremendous response and culminated in a 'donation collection' and 'thank you' event for the participating companies, jointly organised by the restaurant receptionist Kayleigh Prior and manager Kim Armstrong.  The donating businesses were invited to attend a festive buffet at the restaurant, which also included a prize draw for a meal voucher.  

Pictured in the photo from left to right are Kayleigh Prior, (Stonecross Restaurant), Nicky Crowther (Trust Staff), Kim Armstrong (Stonecross Restaurant) and one of our young patients.

A patient, Trust Staff members and the Team from Stonecross Restaurant

Kayleigh and Kim attended Rainbow ward today to present the many Christmas gifts that had been donated.

Kim said: "We chose Rainbow Ward as we wanted the event to benefit a local charity and we knew that we would be helping to brighten up the festive period for many children in hospital over Christmas”.
Kayleigh continued: “We were very pleased with the success of the event and the fantastic co-operation and help from staff at the Trust. We hope the presents will bring a smile to lots of young faces at Christmas”.

Dee Doyle, Matron on Rainbow Ward was delighted with the gifts: “We are very grateful to the Stonecross restaurant for their hard work and choosing Rainbow Ward as their charity.  It is very sad when children have to spend time in hospital at Christmas.  I’m sure those children who are unfortunate enough to be with us at Christmas time will appreciate the presents”.