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Local NHS Helps Patients To Choose Well

Newsdate: 21st October 2009

The local NHS has launched a new campaign to highlight the importance of choosing the most appropriate health services to treat different conditions.

Choose Well aims to raise patients’ awareness of the range of services available, particularly for less serious ailments, so that they can judge the best place to get help for symptoms and illnesses.

PCT Delivering the Message Vehicle

The campaign is being run by NHS Ashton, Leigh and Wigan – your local Primary Care Trust – and consists of three approaches over the next few weeks:

  • A touring “Ad Van” using outdoor advertising on main commuter routes as well as key public areas throughout the Borough
  • A series of regular advertisements placed in local newspapers published throughout the Borough
  • Placement of advertisements on local buses, both inside and out

Using a colour-coded thermometer, the campaign highlights six areas of healthcare:

  • Self-care – for the treatment of minor illnesses, by combining a well stocked medicine cabinet with plenty of rest
  • NHS Direct – for absolutely any health questions, around the clock, and to find local services
  • Pharmacists – for advice on common illnesses and the best medicines to treat them
  • GPs – for medical advice, examinations and prescriptions for illnesses you just can’t shake off
  • Walk-in Centre – for treatment of minor illnesses or injuries without an appointment
  • Accident & Emergency – for critical or life-threatening situations 

NHS Ashton, Leigh and Wigan Chief Executive, Peter Rowe said: “We hope that the campaign will ease pressure on local A&E services by directing people who don’t have urgent, life-threatening conditions to choose other services.

”These alternatives are able to treat patients more quickly, give advice, and spot the signs of something more serious. The A&E services should only be used by patients who have a serious illness or have had a life threatening accident.”