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Fighting Fire with Fire

Newsdate: 13th May 2010

The Healthy Hospital programme at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh (WWL) NHS Foundation Trust is to begin working in partnership with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Services, to promote self referrals for free Home Fire Risk Assessments.  This partnership initiative will expand on work that is already underway with NHS Ashton Leigh and Wigan, and will see officers from Greater Manchester Fire and Safety Services (GMFRS) delivering training sessions to staff across WWL.

The training sessions will help staff to explain key messages to patients, staff and the public about the benefits of home fire risk assessments.  The training will help to support partner agency staff to consider the wider Community Safety and Health and Well-Being agenda, especially when engaging with patients. Staff will also be encouraged to consider their own personal safety.  

Working with GMFRS will ensure that the Trust places personal safety high on the prevention agenda, and in doing so will help to reduce the numbers of accidents, injury and deaths that are sustained as a result of preventable house fires. This will help to raise awareness of the importance of installing smoke alarms in the home.

By taking up this offer, the Fire and Rescue Service will visit your home and give sound practical advice about the simple measures which can be taken to remove or minimise the risk of a fire starting. Angela Anderson, Healthy Hospital Co-ordinator at NHS Ashton Leigh and Wigan said, “Unfortunately, on occasions, fires can start and therefore it is important that people think about how they would escape, should it occur.  This ‘Escape Plan’ discussion forms an essential part of the Home Risk Assessment.  It is a well advertised fact that ownership of a working smoke alarm provides early warning and gives valuable time for people to leave the house should a fire start.  Where required, the Fire and Rescue Service will fit smoke alarms free of charge.”