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250 Days MRSA Free

Newsdate: 22 December 2011

We are delighted to report that all our hospitals across the Trust have been free from any MRSA bacteraemia for over 250 days.
Thanks to our staff, we have continued to make a year-on-year significant reduction of MRSA Bacteraemia cases with rates dropping from 35 in the financial year 2006/07, 19 in 2007/08, 13 in 2008/09, five in 2009/10, just two in 2010/11, and only one case so far in 2011/12. These reductions in infection rates have resulted in WWL improving the quality of care being given and have contributed to a steady improvement in mortality rates.

We have introduced a number of  initiatives which are the Trust’s own “Deep Clean, Keep Clean” programme, improved training for administering intravenous drips, the adoption of a new dress code for staff and looking at the whole patient journey from admittance to discharge of MRSA infected patients. This supports the already implemented Saving Lives, “clean-your-hands” Campaigns, this years’ focus is on the “five moments for hand hygiene” which identifies specifically when hand hygiene should be undertaken with individual patients. It also underpins the Mandatory Annual Infection Control Programme.

We are really proud and absolutely delighted with these achievements and shows our continuing commitment and it is testimony to a tremendous amount of hard work and team working across the Trust by all our staff. In fact, Wrightington Hospital, one of the country’s leading orthopaedic centres of excellence has now remained MRSA bacteraemia free for over seven years.

The investment in this area is ongoing. I would like to reiterate and commend the tremendous levels of commitment that all our staff have shown in responding to this challenge. Your efforts have delivered great results.

Pauline Jones
Deputy Director of Nursing