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Heart Beat Appeal Boost

Newsdate: 2 March 2011

The Heart Beat Appeal received a boost from local supporters. Pauline Lloyd, Sheila Halliwell, Brenda Webb and Eileen Thompson visited the Cardiology department with a cash donation of £1560. Pauline, whose mother had previously worked with Dr. Naqvi as an Auxillary Nurse, had raised the funds along with the help of The Redundant Rockers, at a ‘Beat Extravaganza’.

Pauline Lloyd and Dr Naqvi in the new Coronary Care Unit at RAEI

Carolyn Dereszkiewicz, Matron of Cardiology Services, said, “This is a fantastic sum of money for the Heart Beat Appeal. We are very grateful to all our supporters, who are helping to raise awareness of coronary heart disease.”