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Enabling Patient Informed Choice – Workshop Invitation

Newsdate: 22nd March 2011

There are a lot of changes happening in the NHS at the moment, as you’re more than likely aware.

No decision about me without me"

The Government’s recent White Paper ‘Liberating the NHS’ talks a lot about the importance of information in ensuring that the NHS places ‘patients at the heart of everything we do’. 

‘Patients will have access to the information they want to make choices about their care.  They will have increased control over their own care records’.

“We will enable patients to have control of their health records. This will start with access to the records held by their GP and over time this will extend to health records held by all providers.”

NHS North West is pleased to invite you to a half day workshop event where you can come and find out more about what that really means for you as a patient, and what it means for GP practices and other NHS organisations that hold patient information.

You’ll hear from patients who are already accessing their GP records regularly and using the information to take more control over their own health and care. We’ll tell you about the plans in the North West to work with GP practices across the region to ensure that this access become easily available for as many patients as possible.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback throughout the event, which will be used to inform planning and activities during the coming months, as well as find out where to get more information about accessing your own records.

When: 12th April from 9.30am til 12.30pm

Where: Harwood Room, Barnes Wallis Building, Manchester University Sackville St Campus, M1 7JR

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