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League of Friends Donate £10k for Cell Salvage Machine

Newsdate: 24 April 2012

Patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery are set to benefit further, thanks to a generous donation from the League of Friends. The £10k donation has enabled the Musculoskeletal Team to purchase an additional centrifuge machine, which is used in “cell salvage”.

Wrightington Hospital has been using “cell salvage” techniques for the past five to six years mainly for hip revision surgery and other major orthopaedic surgery involving major blood loss, for example, pelvic surgery.

League of Friends Volunteers and Trust Staff with Cell Salvage Machine

This technique involves collecting the patient’s blood when they bleed during an operation, washing it in a special machine (a centrifuge) and returning it to the patient.

This procedure has many benefits for patients:

  • It can reduce the length of time in hospital
  • Quicker mobilisation after operations
  • A reduction in post operative Anaemia (decrease in red blood cells)
  • Allows operating to take place without blood transfusions, which is helpful for people, for example, Jehovah’s Witness who cannot have blood transfusions

Patients who have had cell salvage have also said that they generally feel better more quickly.
Denise Glassbrook, Cell Salvage Practitioner says: “By using this technique we have decreased our reliance on “bank blood” by approximately 75%. A unit of blood is now a very expensive item, using this process has enabled us to invest in other areas to enhance the patient experience.”

The Hospital has expanded recently to include a ninth operating theatre. This means that we carry out even more surgery. In order to use the cell salvage techniques for more operations we found we were in need of another centrifuge machine to ensure we continue to provide the best quality of service for all our patients.

Denise continues: “We really appreciate the League of Friends very kind donation of £10k to buy a new state of the art machine. The Musculoskeletal Team are extremely grateful to the League of Friends for all their support.”

The League of Friends, Wrightington, are a small group of volunteers who work very hard to raise funds for patients and staff of the Hospital. Amongst other activities they also run a tea bar at the Hospital.

Pictured above left to right: Mrs Sandra Wood (League of Friends, Treasurer), Dave O’Haean (Territory Manger Sorin Group), Mr Brian Wood (League of Friends, Secretary), Dr Martin, Consultant Anesthetist, Mr Martyn Porter (Consultant Orthopaedic), Olwen Winstanley (League of Friends, Volunteer), Denise Glassbrook (Cell Salvage Practitioner), Mrs Barbara Lambert (League of Friends, Chairperson).