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Sports Knee Clinic

Newsdate: 13 June 2012

WWL are delighted to announce that they have set up a new sports knee clinic to specifically treat knee injuries.

High impact sports such as running, football and rugby can result in knee injuries, particularly to soft tissue, such as ligaments, cartilage and tendons, as well as, damage to bones. Any injury of this type can be very painful but can also mean large periods of time away from playing sports; in some severe or complex cases it can mean the end to playing completely. 

Rob Gilbert

The service is Consultant led; by Mr Rob Gilbert and Mr Ben Coupe, who are highly trained specialists in this field. They can treat a wide range of problems both acute, where the injury has occurred within a month or due to a trauma, and chronic, where the problem has been going on a long time or occurs frequently.

Rob Gilbert said “It's our aim to treat patients with knee problems from all sporting levels from across the Borough and beyond, helping people keep playing the sports they love". 

Referrals to the clinic should be made via a GP or healthcare professional, for example physiotherapist. Clinics currently take place at Wigan and Leigh Infirmaries and Wrightington Hospital.

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