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Gift for Neonatal from MedEquip4Kids

Newsdate: 30 April 2013

The Neonatal Unit at Wigan Infirmary this week received an amazing donation from regional charity MedEquip4Kids.

The charity provided three patient monitors which are single units that measure heart rate, oxygen levels, respiration, temperature and blood pressure. They are designed for babies born prematurely or with severe health problems, and allow staff to effectively monitor their health with the minimum of intrusion.
Pictured; Dr Martin Farrier receives the donated equipment from MedEquip4Kids and representatives from Life for a Life

The charity also provided a new oxygen saturation monitor. When babies are born prematurely and are very tiny, they can have problems with their lungs and difficulty breathing. This monitor takes accurate readings of the oxygen levels in their blood to make sure they are absorbing sufficient oxygen.

Vicky Bunnage, Projects Co-ordinator at MedEquip4Kids, said: “Thank you so much to the staff at Wigan’s Neonatal Unit for making us feel so welcome. It’s great to see the end result of all our hard work and to see babies making good use of our equipment. Thank you to all the companies and charitable trusts that have made this possible, and thanks also to all the individuals in and around Wigan who have committed to help us with our next fundraising appeal for the unit.”

Representatives from Life for a Life were there to see the equipment that they had helped to raise the funds for be donated to the unit. ‘Life for a Life’ is an established charity created to raise funds for Hospitals, Hospices and other Health Care related organisations.

Elizabeth Titley, WWL’s Fundraising Officer for Three Wishes added, “It is fantastic that the Trust and Three Wishes have received this magnificent donation from MedEquip4kids. Three Wishes is continuing to raise fund for our Neonatal unit at Wigan, as well as Heart Beat 2 appeal and a tranquil sensory garden at the new Cancer Care Suite. We will be holding events throughout the year to support these appeals.”

Pictured above; Dr Martin Farrier receives the donated equipment from MedEquip4Kids and representatives from Life for a Life