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HELPline is on it’s Way

Newsdate: 24 July 2013

A member of staff on a HelplineWe all know that good communication between patients, relatives and healthcare professionals is incredibly importance during a hospital stay. When a patient becomes very unwell it is vital that the concerns of the loved ones and carers are listened to and acted upon appropriately.

That is why we will be launching a Hospital Escalation Line for Patients (HELP line) on Monday 5 August 2013. The HELP line will enable relatives or loved one who have concerns - that are not being addressed on the ward – to raise them with a senior nurse.

Relatives are always encouraged to discuss concerns with a member of the ward team first, before contacting the HELP line.

The benefits of the HELP line are:

  • It is available to all inpatients and their families. After discharge Patient Relations would address any concerns or issues.
  • Families will be able to discuss concerns not resolved at a local level when those concerns arise.
  • Families and carers will be reassured that the Trust is committed to listening to the concerns of patients and their loved ones.

The implementation of the HELP line will provide loved ones and carers access to a Matron or other senior nurse 24 hours a day. They will help to resolve issues or concerns that have not been addressed at ward level. This is a quick, simple solution to deal with problems that have the potential to cause immense distress for families. It will also help to answer or settle formal complaints at an earlier stage, further reducing prolonged upset and worry.

The contact number for the HELP line will be prominently displayed across all hospital sites, in wards and public areas.