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Breast Surgery Patient Forum Launches 4 September 2014

Newsdate: 6 August 2014

On Thursday 4 September, breast surgery patients, their families and carers in the Wigan Borough, will have their chance to ask any questions at a new patient information forum at the Trust’s Thomas Linacre Outpatient Centre, Parsons Walk, Wigan.

The forum, led by breast surgery consultant, Mr Amar Deshpande, will give those who are immediately affected by breast surgery, the opportunity to ask any questions or voice any concerns that they may not have raised in their initial clinician appointment.

Mr Deshpande explains ‘there may be questions that people do not think to raise in their initial appointment, or are perhaps too overwhelmed to ask at the time. Thi s forum will give patients, and others involved, a relaxed environment in which they can join with other patients and get the support, and the information, that they need at this time.’

There will be free tea, coffee and biscuits for all who attend. To register your interest please contact the Breast Care nurses on 01942 774720 or alternatively, please drop in to the session on 4 September from 6:30pm.