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Army Recruitment at Wigan Infirmary

Newsdate: 5th March 2014

Pictured: Staff from 207 Field Hospital with Trust staffHospital staff at Wigan Infirmary are being encouraged to sign up to the Army Reserve today. Staff from 207 Field Hospital who are a local Army Reserve hospital within the North West area are on site currently seeking to recruit Health Care Professionals and enabling staff, who wish to develop them and achieve that extra milestone.
Adjacent to the clock tower entrance there is an Army Field Ambulance with a medic and recruiter they are also going out and about recruiting on the wards and departments during the day to try and get as many staff as possible signed up...

Ian Jolley, Regimental Operational Support Warrant Officer (ROSWO) says:  “We are seeking to educate and encourage NHS Professionals and supporting staff in the benefits of a rewarding and dynamic career within the army reserves and the regular army.  We are looking to recruit all manner of NHS staff, it’s not just doctors and nurses – you may wish to undertake a new role such as Drivers, Chefs, Health Care Assistants, Pharmacy Technicians or Pharmacists.  We are also looking to recruit Radiographers, Laboratory Technician, Anaesthetists and nurses from either in Intensive Care and High Dependency Units U, as well as A&E staff, Ward or Theatre staff right through to Consultants”.

207 (Manchester) Field Hospital forms part of the Army Medical Services (AMS) and provides secondary health care. A field hospital is a hospital that can be deployed anywhere in the world and is set up using tents or existing buildings to provide medical care to our armed forces or civilian patients.

Fully deployed, a field hospital provides an emergency department, three operating theatres, nursing, ITU beds, a full range of diagnostic services and other clinical departments. With an established strength of over 250 personnel, most of their staff are civilian clinicians and need to be qualified as such before joining them; but there is also a critical role to be played by other key support staff and so they also require dedicated chefs, drivers, mechanics, technicians and logistic personnel (all of whom are trained by the Army to a high standard). Without them Field hospitals simply wouldn’t work.

207 Manchester Field Hospital are holding more recruitment events over the coming year on the Wigan Infirmary site such Hospital Challenge Climbing wall in June and more recruitment days and drop in sessions in September and October

Jason Carr, Head of Security and Car Parking for WWL says: “We are delighted to be working in partnership and supporting 207 Field Hospital in this recruitment drive and I hope our staff will go along to the recruitment stand and find out more.”

Pictured above: Staff from 207 Field Hospital with Trust staff