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Nursing Technology Fund Award

Newsdate: 26 March 2014

WWL is pleased to announce that it has received £60,000 from the NHS Nursing Technology Fund to support our nursing staff in spending more time with their patients and less time performing administrative tasks.

The Nursing Technology Fund was established by the Government to support nurses, midwives and health visitors to make better use of digital technology in all care settings, in order to deliver safer, more effective and more efficient care.

Specifically at WWL, this funding was awarded to provide nurses and those staff upon which nurses rely with state of the art portable telephone extensions (handsets) from which they can make and receive calls relating to patient care directly and immediately. Currently they would have to make and receive calls at the nursing stations or back office rooms, which may be busy or away from where they are working. Also specialist care providers who support the nursing staff will be able to make and receive calls from Nursing staff whilst away from their base.

Nurses are able to carry these small devices around with them wherever they go and they will be able to directly dial a number of anyone they choose or can dial 5000 and say the name of the person they are trying to contact to be connected automatically.    Having this mobile phone with them means they are always contactable during working hours.

This solution will greatly improve communication efficacy reduce wasted time, streamline processes (e.g. discharge), allow the nurses to spend more time with the patient and allow nurses to move round the wards knowing they can be contacted easily at any time or contact help they need at any time.

Pauline Law, Deputy Director of Nursing & Patient Services says: “We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded this funding which will release time to care for our patients and increase the accessibility of certain teams and individuals to support nurses and clinicians in achieving the very best of outcomes.   Our intention is to ensure that the phones are used in the areas where there will be the most patient and staff benefits and we look forward to evaluating the impact of our new investment.”

The roll out of the phones will commence in April 2014 starting with the Critical Care Outreach Team. This will allow the ward nurses to contact the team whilst at the patient’s bedside if appropriate and will make the team more immediately and conveniently  accessible.