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Make time to read at WWL - Everyone wins with the Six Book Challenge!

Newsdate: 19 March 2014

Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust (WWL) are delighted to announce that for the first time we have joined forces with the National Reading Agency to encourage our staff to sign up to the Six Book Challenge scheme.

The Six Book Challenge invites WWL staff to complete six “reads” before the end of September 2014. Staff can read anything they like, from the ‘Quick Read’ fiction books in the Trust Library, to poems, magazines, websites, graphic novels, or even a comic!  Staff can then record their thoughts (just a couple of sentences) about each read in a Reading Diary, provided by the Trust Library Services.

Staff will receive a specific Six Book Challenge reward every time they complete one of their six “reads”. These range from a pen for the first read to a mug and certificate for their sixth and final read. Those who complete the challenge by the end of September 2014 will be entered into a Trust Prize draw for a Kindle Fire, or £100 Book Token.

Cheryl Dagnall, Trust Librarian says: “The challenge is open to all staff employed by WWL, regardless of age, job role, site, or location.  The Reading Agency tells us that one in six adults has difficulty with reading, so the six book challenge is a fun and simple way to build reading confidence and literacy skills.  These skills can in turn help improve chances in life and reduce stress. It also aims to help adults get into reading for pleasure, often for the first time. It is aimed at less confident readers and people who want to get back into reading, but everyone is welcome to participate.”

The Trust library at Wigan has a selection of leisure reads for people who are taking on the challenge. The leisure section includes fiction and non-fiction books and a collection of ‘Quick Reads’. The Quick Reads are shorter books that have been written by prominent authors specifically for the Six Book Challenge. All participants are welcome to come into the library, browse the collection and borrow whatever book interests them.

Cheryl continues: “Our staff do not have to rely on the books that are available in the library though - as the challenge includes all types of reading materials such as magazines, newspapers, poems, or even a website. Staff can also read items from elsewhere – friends, family, etc. We are also encouraging staff to consider using their local public library where you will find a much bigger collection of the Quick Reads, newspapers, magazines and fiction and non-fiction books”.