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Raising Pancreatic Cancer Awareness with ‘Purple Lights for Hope’

Newsdate: 26 November 2014

Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust (WWL) is participating in the ‘Purple Lights for Hope’ initiative to help increase awareness of pancreatic cancer.

The initiative, which started in the USA, is being led locally by Pancreatic Cancer UK and encourages organisations to flood light buildings with purple lights to help raise public awareness of the disease.

Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate of all of the 21 most common cancers in the UK with only around four per cent of people diagnosed surviving five years or more. This figure has hardly changed in 40 years. It is the 5th most common cause of all cancer deaths in the UK although it is predicted that by 2030 pancreatic cancer will overtake breast cancer as the 4th most common cancer killer.

The Trust has arranged for the some of its buildings at Wrightington Hospital and Leigh Infirmary to be floodlit in purple lights to show its support for pancreatic cancer awareness.

Silas Nicholls, Deputy chief Executive at WWL said; “We are delighted to be taking part in ‘Purple Lights for Hope’ and to be highlighting this often neglected disease. We really want this campaign to bring a feeling of hope to all those affected and to highlight how hard the NHS and organisations such as Pancreatic Cancer UK are working to improve the outcome for patients.”

Alex Ford, Chief Executive of Pancreatic Cancer UK says; “Purple Lights for Hope is a very effective yet poignant way of raising awareness on a local level.  On behalf of everyone at Pancreatic Cancer UK I would like to say a huge thank you to all those involved in Purple Lights for Hope.”