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Severe / Profound Hearing Impairment Clinic

Hearing impairment is defined by the quietest level of sounds you can hear; known as your hearing threshold and is measured in decibels (dB).

These hearing thresholds are used to categorise your hearing as normal, mild, moderate, severe or profound impairment.

A severe hearing loss is traditionally classed as threshold levels of 71-95dB, a profound hearing loss is threshold levels in excess of 95dB.

  • 70dB - the average volume of a vacuum cleaner at a distance of 1 metre
  • 90dB - the average volume of a jackhammer at a distance of 15 metres
  • 100dB - the average volume of a music loudspeaker at a distance of 1 metre

The aim of the Severe/ Profound Hearing Loss Clinic is to ensure patients with a severe or profound hearing loss are optimally managed in terms of providing a full range of audiological testing, hearing aid issue, rehabilitation and onward referral to other services if appropriate.

The first appointment is an assessment to discuss the history of the hearing loss, the current difficulties experienced with hearing and any other related symptoms. If a hearing test has not been performed recently this will be completed along with additional specialist hearing tests if appropriate.

Your ear moulds and hearing aid settings will be optimised, as well as providing advice on communication tactics, assistive listening devices and other services (such as sensory services team and access to work).