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Transition from Paediatric to Adult Audiology Services

When a young person is about to leave full time secondary education, we start the transition process from our paediatric audiology department to adult audiology services. 
Our transition process assists a young person to transfer seamlessly through to adult services, enabling them to take responsibility for their hearing and hearing aids.  During transition, we aim to:

  • Encourage the young person to take full responsibility for their hearing aids
  • Discuss their future plans and support them in considering any areas whether they may need additional help with their hearing in the future
  • Make them aware of environmental aids (such as fire alarms, alarm clocks) tailored for individuals with hearing loss
  • Ensure all hearing aid technology and ear moulds are up to date

In addition to routine hearing aid appointments we schedule a transition clinic, where young people are able to meet health professionals involved in care of their hearing.

At this clinic they are able to discuss the transition of their care to adult services and explore any support they may need for their hearing in the future.

If you have any questions, please contact Laura Pickering, Transition Audiologist on 01942 774667 or e-mail:

Hearing Therapy Services for Transition Clinic Patients

The Hearing Therapy Service is based within the Adult Audiology Department, at Thomas Linacre Centre and Leigh Infirmary. Hearing Therapy covers a range of management and rehabilitation options for people with a hearing loss, tinnitus and/ or hearing aids.

We can offer you:

  • Communication strategies to assist you to use effective communication tactics in an assertive way
  • Lip-reading skills to provide further communication methods in difficult listening situations including background noise
  • Auditory Training to help with sound processing skills
  • Equipment advice for everyday life and work / university environments
  • Telephone training to develop confidence in using the telephone
  • Assistance with applications to access to work, a scheme run by the Department of Work and Pensions which can provide funding towards equipment and support services to help you to gain and maintain employment.
  • Assistance with applications to University Disability Support services for equipment, note-taking and communication support
  • Rehabilitation techniques to support adjustment to, and maintenance of, hearing devices and new fittings, when appropriate
  • Tinnitus Counselling and advice on techniques to help you manage tinnitus effectively
  • Relaxation and assertiveness skills to help in difficult listening environments and situations that are challenging.

The Hearing Therapist will complete a follow up with you at the Transition clinic. The Hearing Therapist can discuss and assess your individual needs at this follow up, and then book further appointments, if necessary.

If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Hesketh, the Hearing Therapist on 01942 774667.

Support services and groups

Standish Lip-reading Society
The group meets on Monday afternoons.
Venue: Standish Community Centre, Moody Street, Standish.
Time:   12:45 pm – 2:45 pm.

Wigan Borough Social Services Sensory Team
Telephone number: 01942 828787

Action on Hearing Loss
Information Line (Free-phone)
Telephone 0808 808 0123
Textphone 0808 808 9000

British Tinnitus Association
Telephone 0800 018 0527
Minicom     0114 258 5694

HUSH – Hull Tinnitus Self-Help group
The group have DVDs to buy that can help with sound and visual enrichment for tinnitus management.