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Council of Governors Meeting Agendas and Minutes 2009

The Council of Governors Meeting Agenda's, Minutes and supporting documents for 2009 are available for download below:

In response to consultation, the Trust Board Agenda's and other key reports are available in a wide variety of formats to meet local user needs (e.g. different languages, large print, speaking version). We appreciate your comments on how we can further improve our reports.

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The first meeting of the Council of Governors took place on the 10th December 2008 and the Agenda and Constitution from that meeting are available to download below:

PDF Document Council Of Governors Agenda 10th December 2008
PDF Document Council of Governors Constitution

December 2009 Agenda and Minutes
September 2009 Agenda and Minutes
August 2009 Agenda and Minutes
June 2009 Agenda and Minutes
May 2009 Agenda and Minutes
March 2009 Agenda and Minutes
January 2009 Agenda and Minutes

December 2009 Agenda and Minutes

PDF Document Council of Governors December 2009 Agenda

December 2009 Supporting Documents

Item 3 Minutes of a meeting of the Council of Governors 10 08 2009
Item 8 Marketing Review
Item 9 Press Releases Car Parking Charges
Item 10 Complaints Report
Item 11 Updates from Governor Sub Committees:
a) Communications Sub Committee
b) Membership Engagement Sub Committee
c) Audit Task and Finish Sub Committee
d) Remuneration Sub Committee Non Executive Recommendation
   NED Terms and Conditions

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September 2009 Agenda and Minutes

PDF Document Council of Governors September 2009 Agenda

September 2009 Supporting Documents

Item 4 Minutes of the joint meeting held on 10 06 2009
Item 5 Matters Arising Action Sheet 10 06 2009

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August 2009 Agenda and Minutes

PDF Document Council of Governors August 2009 Agenda

August 2009 Supporting Documents

Item 3i Minutes of a meeting of the Council of Governors 11 05 2009
Item 3ii Minutes of a meeting of the Council of Governors with Trust Board 10 06 2009
Item 4 Matters Arising:
a)  Action Sheet 11 05 2009
b)  Action Sheet 10 06 2009
c)  Breakout Group Discussion Report 10 06 2009
Item 7 North West Summit
Item 8 Stafford Report – Action Plan Update
Item 9 FT Membership Update:
a) Staff Membership
b) Membership Update
Item 10 Notes of Annual Public Meeting Sub Committee
Item 11 Council of Governor Seminar Work Plan Outcomes
a) Notes of seminar meeting
b) Ideas for APM
c) Ideas for Membership open day events
d) Establish working groups
Item 12 Real Time Patient Experience Survey (Pilot study)
a) Combined Results Tranch 5
b) Combined Results Tranch 6
Item 14 Invitation to a Lecture from the NACC - Colitis and Crones
Item 16 Meetings Schedule

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June 2009 Agenda and Minutes

PDF Document Council of Governors June 2009 Agenda

June 2009 Supporting Documents

Item 4 Minutes of the Meeting held 11 03 2009
Item 5Matters Arising 11 03 2009
Item 11 Mid Staffordshire Investigation Response

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May 2009 Agenda and Minutes

PDF Document Council of Governors May 2009 Agenda

May 2009 Supporting Documents

Item 6Mid Staffordshire Investigation Report
Item 7 Performance Report Month 12
Item 7 FT Membership Update
Item 10 Patient Experience:
a) Realtime Patient Experience Survey 1
b) Realtime Patient Experience Survey 2
c) Complaints Report
Item 11 For Information:
Letter to Governors from Bill Moyes, Monitor
b) Governors Guide for NHS Foundation Trusts

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March 2009 Agenda and Minutes

PDF Document Council of Governors March 2009 Agenda

March 2009 Supporting Documents

There are no additional documents for this month

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January 2009 Agenda and Minutes

PDF Document Council of Governors January 2009 Agenda

January 2009 Supporting Documents

Item 5 Minutes of the last meeting held on 10 12 2008
Item 6 Matters Arising:
a) Action Sheet from 10 12 2008
Item 7 Appointment of Chairman and Other Non Executive Directors
Item 8 Code of Conduct 
Item 9 Nomination & Remuneration Committee:
a) Terms of Reference
Item 10 Governor Representation on FT Committees
Item 11 Membership Update Report

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