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Performance and Financial Reports 2016/2017

The Trust produces a number of documents that contain performance and financial information. You can download the Performance and Financial Reports for 2016/2017 below.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC to view these documents. If you don't already have it installed, you can download a copy from the website by clicking the image below:

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Performance and Financial Reports 2016/2017

March PDF Document Performance Report March 2017
PDF Document Financial Report March 2017
February PDF Document Performance Report February 2017
PDF Document Financial Report February 2017
January PDF Document Performance Report January 2017
PDF Document Financial Report January 2017
December PDF Document Performance Report December 2016
PDF Document Financial Report December 2016
November PDF Document Performance Report November 2016
PDF Document Financial Report November 2016
October PDF Document Performance Report October 2016
PDF Document Financial Report October 2016
September PDF Document Performance Report September 2016
PDF Document Financial Report September 2016
July PDF Document Performance Report July 2016
PDF Document Financial Report July 2016
June PDF Document Performance Report June 2016
PDF Document Financial Report June 2016
May PDF Document Performance Report May 2016
PDF Document Financial Report May 2016
April PDF Document Performance Report April 2016  
PDF Document Financial Report April 2016