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Trust Board Agendas 2011

Detailed below are the Trust Board Agendas and supporting documents for Trust Board meetings that have taken place during 2011.

In response to consultation, the Trust Board Agendas and other key reports are available in a wide variety of formats to meet local user needs (e.g. different languages, large print, speaking version). We appreciate your comments on how we can further improve our reports.

Please note, all documents on this page will open in a new window. The majority are in PDF format unless otherwise stated. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC to view these documents. If you don't already have it installed, you can download a copy from the website by clicking the image below:

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November 2011 (agenda and supporting documentation)
September 2011 (agenda and supporting documentation)
July 2011 (agenda and supporting documentation)
May 2011 (agenda and supporting documentation)

PDF Document Trust Board November 2011 Agenda

November 2011 Supporting Documents

Item 6 Performance Report Month 7
Item 7 Finance Report Month 7
Item 8 Minutes of the last meeting held on 28 09 11
Item 9 Matters Arising Action Sheet 28 09 11
Item 10 Equality and Diversity Service Report
Item 11 Litigation Annual Report
Item 12 Gifts and Hospitality Policy
Item 13 Safeguarding Children Annual Report
Item 14 Research and Development Annual Report
Item 15 The Foundations of Good Governance – FTN best practice compendium
Item 16 Winter Plan:
a) Winter Resilience Plan
b) NWAS Strategic Winter Capacity Plan
Item 17 CQC Compliance Monitoring Report
Item 18 Risk Management Strategy and Policy Annual Review
Item 19 CNST Update Report
Item 20 Advancing Quality Progress Report
Item 21 Minutes of the Finance and Investment Committee 19 10 11
Item 22 Minutes of the Audit Committee 03 10 11
Item 24 Minutes of the Patient Experience Task Force 22 09 11

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PDF Document Trust Board September 2011 Agenda

September 2011 Supporting Documents

Item 5 Half Year Review of Corporate Objectives
Item 6 National Staff Survey
Item 7 Performance Report Month 5
Item 8 Finance Report Month 5
Item 9 Minutes of the last meeting held on 27 07 11
Item 10 Matters Arising Action Sheet from the minutes 27 07 11
Item 11 Governance Review Update
Item 12 Bi-annual Infection Control Report
Item 13 NHS Constitution Compliance Q2
Item 14 Claims Litigation Incidents and Complaints Report Quarter 1 (April – June 2011)
Item 15 Patient Safety Update Report
Item 16 Summary of Paediatric In Patient/Out Patient Survey 2011
Item 17 Minutes of the Finance and Investment Committee 17 08 11

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PDF Document Trust Board July 2011 Agenda

July 2011 Supporting Documents

Item 5 Making Every Contact Count Quality and Performance Monitoring
Item 7 Performance Report Month 3
Item 8 Finance Report Month 3
Item 9 CQC Registration Compliance Report
Item 10 Minutes of the Trust Board Meeting 25 May 2011
Item 11 Matters Arising Action Sheet 27 April 2011
Item 12 Monitor Compliance Report Quarter 1
Item 13 Use of Company Seal Quarter 1
Item 14 Complaints Annual Report 2010/11
Item 15 CNST Status Report July 2011
Item 16 NHSLA General Risk Management Standards Progress report
Item 17 Corporate Risk Register Update
Item 18 Protecting Vulnerable Adults update report
Item 19 Minutes of the Finance and Investment Committee 22 June 2011

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PDF Document Trust Board May 2011 Agenda

May 2011 Supporting Documents

Item 5 Service and Site Strategy
Item 6 Outcome of Consultation on Strategic Framework and Corporate Objectives
Item 7 Board Assurance Framework Month 1
Item 8 Performance Report Month 1
Item 9 Finance Report Month 1
Item 10 Annual Reports:
a) Annual Report (including Quality Account)
b) Draft (unaudited) Financial Accounts 2010/2011
Item 11
Minutes of the Board Seminar meeting held on 27 April 2011
Item 12 Action Log from Seminar Meeting
Item 13 Annual Register – Declaration of Interests
a) Trust Board
b) Council of Governors
Item 16 Minutes of the Finance and Investment Committee:
a) Meeting Minutes 23 March 2011
b) Meeting Minutes 20 April 2011
Item 19 Patient Experience Task Force Minutes 5 May 2011

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