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Please read the accompanying guidance: “Access to Health Records Information Leaflet” regarding the rights of access together with charges that may be associated with your application, to assist you in completing this application form.

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      advised that you will need to provide proof that you have power
      of attorney or that you are the legal representative
 I am the deceased patient’s personal representative and attach
      either letters of administration or a grant of probate
 I have a claim arising from the patient’s death and wish to access 
      information relevant to my claim on the grounds that:

Unless you have requested paper copies records will be sent out to you in a password encrypted document on a CD. The password to open this document will be emailed to you.

Details of patient

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To help the NHS save time and resources it would be helpful if you could provide details, informing us of the parts of the health records you require, along with details which you may feel have relevance i.e. dates, consultant name, location, written diagnosis and reports etc.

* Which records are you requesting? (Please tick the applicable boxes)  WWL Hospital Services (Royal Albert Edward Infirmary, Leigh, 
      Wrightington, Thomas Linacre, Boston House)
 WWL Community Services (Walk In Centre, District Nurse, 
      Mental Health etc.)

WWL Services:

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 Case Notes
 A&E Records


Type of record (please indicate):
 Case Notes
 A&E Records

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Month and year of care
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Month and year care
or treatment ended (if known)

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