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Maternity Services

Update: August 2020

From Monday the 27th July our Maternity Services Team changed their guidance for birth partners. Updated information is being provided via our community midwives.

You will be able to identify two birth partners if you wish. The names of the birth partners will need to be recorded in the green antenatal notes by your midwife.

When you attend the Delivery Suite you will initially only be able to attend with one of your birth partners and will be advised to send for the second birth partner only when active labour has been confirmed.

The birth partners will need to conform with the usual Trust guidance of:
• wearing a mask
• having their temperature checked on attendance, if this is above 37.8 they will be asked to leave the site
• any movement in and out of the Delivery Suite should be kept to an absolute minimum and ideally not to leave the area at all
• be respectful of the 2 metre social distancing where possible
• if they have any symptoms of Covid- 19 or have been self-isolating they must not attend the site at all

If you have any questions, please speak with your community midwife in the first instance. 

Information is subject to change and your midwife will be able to advise you on the most up to date guidance.