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Wrightington Hospital outperforms in new national data

26 Sept 2017

The National Joint Registry has named Wrightington Hospital as one of the top five hospitals in the country, building on an already established reputation as a centre of excellence for Orthopaedic Surgery.

The results from the National Joint Registry have revealed that Wrightington is in the top five in the country in terms of the number of operations undertaken annually.

In 2016, Wrightington Hospital carried out 1302 hip replacements and 1032 knee replacements; six times more hip replacements and four and a half times more knee replacements than the average for a UK hospital.

Professor Tim Board, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Clinical Director of the Lower Limb Department said: “Wrightington has always had excellent results from the National Joint Registry benchmarking and we are really pleased that this trend is continuing.

“Wrightington attracts talented surgeons and nursing staff, who have a considered and measured approach to adopting new technology and who actively participate and promote research.

“I believe this approach has led to Wrightington being able to achieve outstanding outcomes for patients for many years”.

Professor Board added: “When we ask our patients what is important to them in terms of surgery they always tell us that they want the lowest risk of complications possible, to be pain free and for their joint replacements to last as long as possible.

“These results show that is what we offer patients at Wrightington.”

Wrightington Hospital also carries out revision surgery, repairing implants that have failed or where complications have arisen from surgery, most often treating patients who had their first operation at other hospitals. 

The Team did 297 hip and 164 knee revisions in 2016, which is 11 times more than the average UK hospital.

Professor Board continued: “Not only do we perform more orthopaedic operations than most hospitals, according to the National Joint Register, people who received treatment at Wrightington are less likely to need revision or further surgery and their joint replacements last longer.”

The National Joint Registry was started ten years ago and looks at how many operations are undertaken, how many revisions are needed after surgery and how long hip and knee replacements last. Over 95 per cent of hospitals in the country contribute to the register, which collects data about hip and knee replacements.

This allows hospitals to be benchmarked against one another and their performance can be reviewed.