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Support group gives back to other patients

Members of a Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma Support Group have given back to other patients with a donation of seven nebulisers.


Since the group started, back in 2009, attendees have donated money for the tea, coffee and cake provisions and. over the years. this money has accumulated enough to cover the purchase.


Nebulisers are crucial to patients who have lung conditions and allow medication to be inhaled in the form of a mist treating symptoms like wheezing, breathlessness and chest tightness.


Cancer_Support_GroupEach of the nebulisers features a commemorative plaque which reads “Donated by Wigan Lung Cancer Support – Return When Not Needed”.


The nebulisers will make a big impact on the patients receiving treatment at Wrightington, Wigan, and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust.



Pictured: The support group with members of staff from WWL and Macmillan


Joy Pearson, Lung Cancer Specialist Nurse, said: “Currently our stock levels are seriously depleted as patients loan the nebuliser and they’re not always retuned.


“This donation will be the gift that keeps on giving.”

Joy added: “The group had a meeting to decide what we did with the money and they decided that they wanted to give back to the patients.”


Beverley Ratcliffe, who has been attending the group for a number of years, said: “I want to give a massive thanks to Park Cakes at Bolton for their help with the cakes.”

But she remained humble about the donation saying: “I’m happy to help as long as it helps people, just like the Trust helped me.”