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WWL uncover family stories for NHS70

Newsdate: 2 May 2018


At Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust, we think of our staff as a family, and many of our staff actually do have a family connection within the Trust.

To celebrate the NHS turning 70 on July 5th, WWL has sought out the WWL Family stories hidden across our three sites to celebrate our staff, and their family connections.

One of these connections is between Katie Holroyd and her mum, Chris Bullock.

Starting with the Trust in 1984, Chris, now retired, applied for a part-time job at Bryan House which was then Trust Head Quarters.

“I didn’t have an aspiration to work in the NHS, it was just something I fell into” explains Chris, “I had my first child but didn’t work for the first couple of years and then decided I wanted to come back to work.”

Chris’ part-time job was the first in many stepping stones which saw her progressing to the post of PA to the General Manager over her 30 year service to the Trust.

“I had a really nice working life here at Wrightington Wigan and Leigh,” says the married mum-of-two from Abram, “I really enjoyed and met some wonderful people.

“I’m really proud of what I’ve given to the NHS and feel so proud that I’ve been able to do so in my own town.”

Chris’ story of progression throughout the Trust is mirrored in daughter Katie’s professional career.

Originally joining the NHS in 2004 as a summer job after leaving school, Katie, 30, originally had plans of studying performing arts at college with an aspiration to become a drama teacher.

But after working across the Medical Assessment Unit, Urgent Care, and the Cancer Care Centre Katie, from Ince, then joined the Macmillan Team which she now describes as her “dream job”.

“The job just really took my interest and now I’m here it’s my dream job,” said Katie.

“The team I work with is exceptional and I would never get that sense of achievement anywhere else, and I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

“Being part of the Macmillan team means we’re dealing with a sensitive subject so, doing what I do, I really, really take pride in it.”

And throughout the years working together, Katie and Chris have enjoyed having each other around.

Chris, who also has a son, 36-year-old Christopher, says, “I’m very proud of Katie, it was nice having her here, apart from when she was asking for dinner money!”

“As mum had been working here a while before me, a lot of people half knew me, so I found joining the Trust easier because people felt like they already knew me because of my mum, and mum could guide me about courses and progression,” adds Katie.

“At the end of the day you always had in the back of your mind that what you were doing was for the benefit of the patients,” says Chris.

“Even though I wasn’t on the front line I hope that everything that I did had some impact.

“If I only ever helped one person that it was worth my 30 years here.”