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ICU Department buy Cats and Dogs for Dementia Patients

Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust’s ICU Department have been able to buy a litter of lifelike cats and dogs for dementia patients.

Worth over £400, the animatronic pets were purchased with funds raised by Sister, Christine Lewis and the ICU dementia support team, who wanted to help patients with dementia.

“As the dementia team, we make sure that all the display boards and paper work is up to date for our patients and staff are updated,” said Christine.

“Each year, during Dementia Awareness Week, we take part and create display boards around the theme of the year. This year’s theme was ‘memories that make you happy’

“There was a lot of hard word that went into the stand and the bake sale so I would like to thank everyone who helped.”


Zainab Yiga, Christine Lewis, Tom Baxter, Janet Calder, and Anita Seddon with the new furry friends

The department was asked by Christine and the rest of the dementia team, to write down any memories that make them happy. Some staff brought in pictures of family members and others wrote down meaningful words.

The ICU department also held a bake sale, on the last week of May, selling delicious cakes that the staff had brought in.  

A total of £300 was raised by the department which allowed them to buy something for patients with dementia.

 And after a member of staff mentioned that her grandparents, who suffered with the condition, had an electronic dog in their caring home, the team decided they would look into buying their own.

The team researched into a company called ALZProducts that sold lifelike cats and dogs with synthetic fur and gentle breathing motions.

“No one has heard of this product before, so it was nice to have bought something different,” said Christine, “It will be lovely to be able to share the cats and dogs around the Trust to our dementia patients.”

After buying £300 worth of products, ALZProducts kindly donated £100 more of the furry friends to the Trust.