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WWL looking ahead to National Eye Health Week

Newsdate: September 2019

 Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust (WWL) Ophthalmology Department is urging residents to keep an eye out for vision problems and get support before they become unavoidable.

There are more than two million people in the UK currently living with sight loss*, as well as more than 1.5 million children in the UK with undetected vision problems**.

The Trust’s leading performing Department of Orthoptics is joining forces with charities and organisations in hosting several information stands over National Eye Health Week (23-29 September) to raise awareness.

Locals are invited during the week to pop along to Wigan’s Royal Albert Edward Infirmary and Boston House to find out more about how to detect problems.

Kate Witkiss, Advanced Orthoptist and Lead for Low Vision Service at WWL, said: “Even if you think your vision is fine, having regular eye tests – every two years, unless you’re advised otherwise – can help find any issues, like glaucoma, before they worsen.

“Along with our partners, we’re here to support everyone – and there’s so much we can do to help prevent eye-related conditions.

“Eating green leafy vegetables, oily fish, eggs, whole grains, chicken and citrus fruits all contain eye-friendly nutrients. Quitting smoking, exercising and protecting our eyes when it is sunny or when staring at screen all helps.”

The Trust’s Department of Ophthalmology & Orthoptics provides a wide variety of hospital and community Orthoptic clinics and services. The department prides itself on providing UK-leading screening, which includes our optometrists (opticians) ensuring all local four to five-year-olds receive a screening test in school.

Kate added: “Our entirely safe and free tests for children, usually aged between four and five-years-old, are fun and extremely important in ensuring that if any problems are detected, then quick and effective treatment is carried out.

“However, don’t wait for us if you suspect any issues with your child’s eyes or your own. Please visit your local optician for a check-up.”

During National Eye Health Week, the following organisations and charities will be joining WWL’s Ophthalmology staff:

Monday, 23 September, 9am-4pm: Macular Society (Boston House) and Local Optical Committee (Royal Albert Edward Infirmary)
Tuesday, 24 September, 9am–4pm: Optelec & Galloways Local Society for the Blind (Boston House / Royal Albert Edward Infirmary) and Local Optical Committee (Royal Albert Edward Infirmary)
Wednesday, 25 September, 9am–4pm: Henshaws (Boston House), Local Optical Committee (Royal Albert Edward Infirmary) and Glaucoma (Royal Albert Edward Infirmary and Boston House)
Thursday, 26 September 9am-4pm: Local Macular Society Group, Wigan & Leigh District Society for the Blind (Boston House) and Local Optical Committee (Royal Albert Edward Infirmary)
Friday, 27 September, 9am-4pm: Local Optical Committee (Royal Albert Edward Infirmary)