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Bereavement blankets to offer comfort

The very first bereavement blanket donated to WWL has been given by one of our own staff.

The blankets, aimed at comforting patients at the end of their life and their loved ones, are provided to give the hospital environment a personal feel rather than a clinical one.

Specialist Bereavement Nurse, Gail Brown, had seen similar blankets used for the same purpose on WWL’s Critical Care Unit and knew they would be beneficial for patients approaching the end of their life.

Gail then asked staff from across the Trust if any were able to lend a hand, or a stitch, to the cause.

Rebecca Tailor, Lead Technician for Antimicrobials at Wigan Infirmary’s Pharmacy department, was the first to answer the call and became the first donor to the scheme.

Rebecca Tailor donates the first bereavement blanket to Gail Brown

On her motivation to get involved Rebecca said: “I really like the personable aspect of my job and making a difference, whether that’s to the patient or their family.

“Having taken part in the Trust’s bereavement training and seeing the difference that the blankets can make I knew it was a really good cause and it’s been nice to be able to help.”

Keen crafter Rebecca was taught how to knit by her mum and grandma but picked the hobby back up last year.

The blanket was made in just two days by Rebecca who used Aran wool to crochet the heartfelt donation.

The bereavement team at WWL aims to provide a personalised service to all, regardless of time or cause of death, with the belief that every death should be equitable.

Gail said: “Everyone is treated as an individual in life and we are committed to treating everyone as an individual in death as well.

“Blankets like these will help to provide a more personal and homey feel to a patient at the end of life, whilst also being a keepsake for their loved ones.

“At WWL we are extremely proud of the end of life care we provide. Being able to provide our first bereavement blanket in such a short time shows the dedication that our staff have to care.”