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A 'Marvel-lous' win

After five years of competing in a creative plaster building competition our Fracture Clinic have achieved a joint first win.

The Fracture Clinic Team, who participated in the competition, consists of staff from all different backgrounds such as Orthopaedic Technicians, Auxiliary Nurses and Domestics.

The idea of the competition is for different hospital Trusts to be the most creative with their casting materials, provided by BeneCare products, and each year, around the Christmas period, different characters are created out of plaster.

The first year the team entered they won, after creating a well-known children’s character, Olaf, from the Disney film, Frozen.

Naomi O'Shea, Val Birch and Sylvia Richardson with the winning models

This year they decided to go with the theme ‘Lego Avengers save Christmas’. The Team made five Avenger characters including Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Loki and Thor. Each character was about two feet high, each painted with bright colours and very significant props.

“They have gone down really well, especially if patients are bringing in children, they love it,” said Valerie Birch, Auxiliary Nurse.

As well as the very creative plaster Lego Avenger models, a backdrop was also donated from Kevin Lloyd from BackDrop Source.

The winner was announced at the end of December with our Fracture Clinic coming joint first, alongside two other Trusts.