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Hearing Therapy

What is Hearing Therapy?
Hearing Therapy is a service which can provide information, counselling and practical assistance for people experiencing issues with hearing loss, central processing disorders, tinnitus and hyperacusis.

Where can I access the Hearing Therapy service?
The Hearing Therapy service is part of the Audiology Department. Referrals can be made to Hearing Therapy from Audiology, or from the Ear, Nose and Throat Department.

Who runs the Hearing Therapy Service?
The Hearing Therapy service is run by the Hearing Therapist, Elizabeth Hesketh, and by the Rehabilitation Audiologist, Clare Wood.

What specific services are offered by Hearing Therapy?

We can offer sessions of communication tactics for patients, family and significant others.

Lip-reading sessions are available on an individual basis, and we can provide information about local lip-reading groups

We can provide Auditory Training sessions for developing listening ability for people with hearing losses.

We offer assertiveness sessions to enhance patient confidence in explaining their communication needs and hearing problems to others.

We can provide sessions regarding assistive listening devices for TV, telephones, Doorbells, Some alarms and other alerting devices.

Access to work, and Disability student Allowance information and reports can be provided to support access to equipment within the workplace or University.

We can offer telephone training sessions to develop confidence and correct positioning technique for use with the telephone.

Training and Talks:
We provide training sessions for staff at residential care homes and those within caring professions.

We provide information sessions for patients involved in the Falls Clinic at Belong.

We also run Hearing Loss Awareness talks for professional and public groups, such as Ashton, Wigan and Leigh Memory Group, and the Pensioners Link.

Counselling and Relaxation:
We offer Tinnitus Retraining Therapy and counselling for patients referred from the Audiology-led Tinnitus Clinic.

We provide counselling to patients who have experienced sudden losses, or those having difficulty coping with a hearing loss.

We offer relaxation sessions for people experiencing problems with tinnitus and hearing loss, to reduce stress and enhance management techniques.

We provide sessions for people needing extra time to develop effective management techniques for using hearing aids.

We provide information and practical help sessions for people who have dexterity, dual sensory loss or memory problems requiring additional help to adapt to their hearing aids using alternative techniques.

We work with the Learning Disabilities Audiology team to provide rehabilitation packages including hearing aid management and adaptation, communication strategies and equipment assessments for patients with Learning Disabilities and hearing loss.

Central Processing Disorders:
We are able to offer counselling, relaxation and communication advice sessions to people with central processing issues which affect their ability to hear sound, especially in the presence of background noise, when their hearing is regarded as being within normal limits.

We can provide sessions of Auditory training to assist with listening in quiet and in the presence of background noise.

Further Information:
If you would like any further information, please contact the Audiology Department by;