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In comparison with other areas in Greater Manchester, Wigan has the highest emergency respiratory rate and the highest emergency admission rate for patients with COPD. The aim of our service is to:

  • Reduce hospital admissions for these patients by providing a high quality service to support patients during the acute exacerbation (worsening) of their condition
  • Provide an early discharge service for patients that are admitted and reduce the number of bed days for these patients
  • Establish ongoing follow up nurse-led clinics, reducing re-admissions and respiratory consultants’ waiting lists
  • Provide a long-term oxygen assessment service for patients who require oxygen at home for more than 15 hours a day and to ensure correct education and safety of these patients

The overall aim of the service is to keep the patient functioning in the community for as long as possible whilst providing a highly specialist standard of care.
Who are we?

  • Annette Pilling, COPD Specialist Nurse/Unit Manager
  • Joanne Wright, COPD Specialist Nurse
  • Jolie Kelley, COPD Specialist Nurse
  • Rachel Fitzsimmons, COPD Sister
  • Judith Goodman, COPD Sister
  • Sharon Sutton, Trainee Assistant Practitioner
  • Linda Mullaney, Secretary
  • Debbie Lair, Data input/ward clerk

General Contact Details
Telephone Number: 01942 822231
Fax Number:  01942 822239