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Cardiology and Respiratory at Leigh Infirmary

Cardiology and Respiratory DepartmentThe Cardiology and Respiratory Department at Leigh has moved and been upgraded. The unit now contains: -

  • 1 exercise lab
  • 1 respiratory function lab
  • 1 pacing room
  • 1 clinical room/ pacing room
  • 2 echo rooms
  • 2 ECG rooms
  • 2 event recorder/vitalograph rooms
  • Event station hub where all the analysis is performed


The new accommodation will bring a number of key benefits for patients and visitors: -

  • The department will be able to see more patients which should reduce waiting times
  • Improve the quality of the service with better treatment rooms, new equipment and more diagnostic tests being available, as well as,
  • Enhancement of the patient environment

The new department is located next to area 4 at Leigh.

Cardiology and Respiratory Department1   Cardiology and Respiratory Department1   Cardiology and Respiratory Department1


Jennifer Spicer

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Jennifer Spicer

Service Manager for Wigan (including the Thomas Linacre Centre) and Leigh
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