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Clinical Psychology Service

We recognise that experiencing heart problems can be a frightening time for patients, and that many of our patients can experience emotional distress as a result. Often such feelings will ease, particularly as patients become more confident over time. 

Where these feelings do not ease after a short period of time, we offer a designated Clinical Psychology Service. This service is available to patients who continue to experience symptoms of anxiety, low mood or depression as a result of adjusting to their recent cardiac event or surgery; or indeed if they are struggling to live with an ongoing heart condition.

Examples of typical difficulties may include: -

  • Fear of recurrence
  • Worrying about symptoms and the future
  • Feelings of anxiety and panic (which then patients can often interpret as cardiac symptoms)
  • Low mood and depression

You will be offered an assessment, and agree together whether it may be useful to meet for individual psychological therapy sessions, with the aim of helping you adjust to, and cope better with your recent diagnosis, cardiac event, or ongoing cardiac concerns.

For more information please read our “Seeing a Clinical Psychologist” leaflet.

Referrals are made to Dr Liz Simon, Clinical Psychologist, via a member of the Cardiology Team involved in your care. If you wish to be referred, please speak to the professional involved in your Cardiology care, and they will action this for you. Appointments are offered at the Cardiology department at Royal Albert Edward Infirmary, Wigan, or the Specialist Psychological Therapy Department at Leigh Infirmary.