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Heart Failure Service

Patients who are admitted to WWL with a diagnosis of heart failure are provided with a seamless service from admission to discharge, all the way through to community follow-up.

Each patient is treated on an individualised basis, with a unique management plan designed around their needs. This ensures that every patient receiving care for heart failure is treated with the appropriate gold standard treatment.

What to Expect

  • If you are admitted to WWL for Heart Failure, you will be seen by both a Heart Failure Specialist Nurse and a Cardiologist. Relevant tests and investigations are carried out whilst  you are in hospital
  • You will receive appropriate Cardiac medication and details on how to manage your condition when you are discharged
  • You will also be given a heart booklet, containing lots of written information about Heart Failure  and the Heart Failure Specialist Nurse’s contact number, should you need to contact somebody directly
  • WWL’s Heart Failure team work very closely with the Community Heart Failure Service to ensure that patients are offered community follow up and, where appropriate, care is offered at home for patients that are unable to attend clinics
  • The community Heart Failure service regularly meets with the WWL Cardiology Team  to discuss how best to manage patient care and patients with complex Heart Failure problems
  • Please ensure you have a copy of your current medication to hand