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All about Rainbow Ward and our facilities for children

Welcome to Rainbow Ward

Rainbow ward is the childrens ward at Wigan. Its a new ward, and is built around children.

Children all tell us that they like bright colourful places. We have used the colours of the rainbow to code the ward into areas, and used the rainbow design in the floor to guide people to the right area.

We took time to talk with children about what they like, and what makes them happy when in hospital. They helped us to understand priorities from a childrens viewpoint, and the result is our new ward.

Getting around the ward is easy - you just follow the rainbow.

When you visit our ward you will find that the whole ward is built around our playroom.

Follow the rainbow to Rainbow Ward
The play area on Rainbow Ward

In the middle of the playroom is our tree, and around it is the playroom "meadow"!

We wanted this to feel like being outside in a meadow. Children all told us that when they are in hospital they would like to be outside. Sadly thats not possible, but our playroom makes it easy to imagine.

In the play areas, you will find lots of seating for parents and children.

We know that chlidren being with parents whilst they are playing is important, its also very sociable!

We have a huge variety of toys to help occupy the children during their stay with us, from games stations to dressing up, and from toy garages, to toy daleks. We hope to be able to cover all ages.
The meadow on the Rainbow Ward play area
Playstation Games in the play area

The bed areas are well equipped. Many of our beds are single rooms. Whether your child will be in a single room will depend on their age (babies are normally admitted to a single room) or whether they have a problem which may be infective to others.

All of our beds have their own televisions (no payment needed), and phones.

We have Playstations / screens that can be used from the beds as well as in the play area. We don't think you will be bored.

Parents need time out sometimes, and there is a parents area in the ward. You can grab a coffee, and try to relax a little. We have facilities for parents to stay overnight, by the side of your childs bed. We can only accommodate one parent of each child at a time overnight.
We love our ward, and children tell us they do too. We hope that if you come to stay with us that you will agree.

360 Degree GalleryClick to see a 360 degree view of Rainbow Ward