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Come and have your baby with us at Wigan

You may be aware that the one-to-one midwifery service has ceased. However, plans are in place to offer any women who would prefer to have a one-to-one midwife, a choice to birth their baby with another maternity service.

If you have been affected by this change in service and are wondering what to do, Wigan midwifery service is able to offer you and your family an alternative.

Please visit NHS Choices to see what services we have to offer and where we are located if you are not familiar with us.

We have an opportunity to offer you continuity of carer throughout your pregnancy, with a group of midwives who you will get to know you and who will know you. We will be able to help you with your birth choices.

If you were planning or considering a home birth, our midwifery teams are able to support you with this as well. We have a pool on our delivery suite at Royal Edward Albert Infirmary and advocate the use of water for labour and pool birth.

Along with this we have access to other pain relief options, including opioids and an epidural service. We have full cover by an anaesthetist throughout the day and night.

We are more than willing to meet with you and show you around our unit, which will give you an opportunity to meet our friendly team of midwives, support staff, and doctors.

If you feel you would like to get to know more or transfer your care to us, please feel free to get in contact to arrange your first appointment. If you would like to book on the service please contact Chris Lowe on 01942 2778661 or Audrey Livesey on 01942 2778679 for Audrey Livesey between 9-5pm Monday to Friday.