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Low Vision Clinic

A patient at the Low Vision ClinicThe Low Vision Clinic is a clinic for people who have visual impairment when medical treatment is no longer suitable or is unable to retrieve lost vision. The most common conditions are Age related macular degeneration, Diabetic retinopathy, Glaucoma, untreated cataracts and Nystagmus (continuous uncontrolled to and fro movement of the eyes). However we can see a whole variety of visual impairments.

Patients can be referred to a Low Vision Assessment clinic from a variety of sources ā€“ most commonly the Age Related Macular Degeneration clinic or Ophthalmology outpatients. We also take referrals from the adult services sensory team, GPā€™s and local optometrists. We are happy to receive referrals from other sources  however  the referral must state a diagnosis of visual impairment and the person being referred must have been seen by a Consultant Ophthalmologist (preferable within the Wigan and Leigh area)

Our criteria for referral is that the patient must have had a diagnosis of vision loss from a Consultant Ophthalmologist. We are willing to accept referral for any patient experiencing problems with reading, mobility and daily living skills or with any degenerative condition of the eye. The Low Vision clinic provides advice support and information on sight loss. We are also able to refer onward to appropriate services where necessary.

We will accept self referrals to the Low Vision clinic but again the patient must have evidence of a diagnosis from a Consultant Ophthalmologist.

We advise all patients to visit their local optician before attending for a Low Vision Assessment.

During a Low Vision Assessment, we discuss and explain the diagnosis with the patient and are often a first point of contact for basic counselling. If further more in depth counselling is needed we have the ability to be able to refer to Action for Blind People counselling service. We assess and train in the use of magnifying aids and where appropriate provide them on a free of charge loan basis.

A patient having an in-depth Low Vision assessmentWe also offer a no discharge policy so that once a patient has been seen within the low vision clinic they are able to request an appointment at any time in the future without the need for a new referral.

We are also able to provide training for eccentric viewing where appropriate.

We offer information on various services and local support which is available to visually impaired people.

We liaise closely with adult services sensory team, the local societies and support groups and the Local Optometric Committee (LOC). We also have links with RNIB and Action for Blind People. The Sensory team also provides an in house service to assess the social need of patients with a visual impairment. If you feel someone may benefit from this type of assessment please contact the Low Vision Clinic or the Sensory team direct. 

We provide clinics in Wigan and Leigh.

For more information please contact:

Low Vision Clinic - 01942 822310.

Adult Services Sensory team ā€“ 01942 828787.

PDF Document Download a list of low vision local patient support groups