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Neurological and Community Rehabilitation Team

A Neuro Rehabilitation Assessment with a patientThe neurological rehabilitation team covers a wide spectrum of neurological conditions, many of which can have visual complications which may hamper the rehabilitation of the patient.

Common neurological conditions that we may see are those with visual complications following stroke, head injury/trauma, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and other degenerative conditions.

Orthoptists are experts in the diagnosis and management of disorders of eye movement, vision and binocular vision, visual neglect and visual field defects.

Services provided

All referred patients will have an Orthoptic assessment as soon as possible. Patients who are not identified during this phase should still be referred as so.

Patients will have treatment if appropriate, advice for any visual complication, onward referral if necessary to Ophthalmology, Low vision, Optometry services and Sensory Support teams. The Interdisciplinary team will be fully informed of any visual complications and the effect this may have on the functional ability of the patient.

Patients will then be followed up if necessary on the ward, in the community setting or as an Out-patient in Orthoptics/Ophthalmology. 

The Orthoptic Department are happy to receive referrals from any Health Professional.

To speak to an Orthoptist for advice please contact ext 01942 822310.