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General Orthoptic Clinic Information

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Community Clinics
The Orthoptic department provides Orthoptic sessions at many community clinics across the area. We try to ensure that patients are seen as close to their home as possible. There are certain appointments that patients must attend the hospital site for but whenever possible patients are seen at the nearest community clinic available.

The community clinics we visit are as follows:

  • Ashton
  • Astley
  • Chandler House
  • Hindley
  • Golborne 
  • Orrell
  • Platt Bridge
  • Pemberton
  • Atherton 
  • Tyldesley

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Specific Learning Difficulties Clinic
Specific learning difficulties clinic aim to help assess and help people who have troubles with reading. A full assessment can be performed where an orthoptist will assess vision, the ability of the eyes to move, binocular functions and a patient’s reading ability.

Treatment may consist of targeted advice, glasses, exercises and coloured overlays. These clinics are held at Wigan Health Centre and Leigh Infirmary.

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Ophthalmology Out Patient Clinics 
The Orthoptic department is a part of Ophthalmology and provides services to Ophthalmology Out Patient Clinics.  We assess children and adults with a wide range of Ophthalmological problems. The Orthoptists cover general ophthalmology clinics and ocular motility clinics.

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Optometry Clinics
An Orthoptist running an Optometry ClinicWe run joint Orthoptic and Optometry clinics at the WWL Eye Unit at the Wigan Health Centre (Boston House) and Leigh Infirmary. We have a fast track referral system in place for children who are referred from primary visual screening, School Nurses, Health visitors and GP’s.

Optometry sessions are also carried out in Special Education schools which allow children who have special needs to be assessed in their own environment.

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Orthoptic Led Visual Screening
For the past 10 years and more the Orthoptist has been carrying out vision screening in pre-school establishments.  Presently all reception children have vision screening in school

All consented children in reception year (age 4/5)  are screened by an Orthoptic assistant with a named Orthoptist responsible for the service. 

The Orthoptic assistant has been trained to screen the reception children and their role includes:

  • To undertake a screening vision test on all reception class children attending Wigan schools
  • To liaise with clinic administrators to ensure consent has been received
  • To assist the Orthoptic department in the diagnosis of vision defects
  • To record the outcome of the vision screening in the school health records.

The screening level to be achieved is 0.2 Log Mar.  Children who do not reach this level are fast tracked into the hospital eye service for a refraction with the hospital optometrist.

At the optometry appointment the children have a full Orthoptic assessment,  which includes an assessment of their  visual acuity and  binocular functions.  If a child is unable to achieve 0.04 Log Mar with each eye then they are refracted by the Optometrist. 

To enable the optometrist to refract the child dilating drops are used.

The Optometrist and Orthoptist will explain their findings and if a child requires glasses a voucher is given on the day to take to a local opticians to choose glasses.

The child is then reviewed 10 weeks later by the Orthoptist in the nearest community clinic or hospital site. If a child has further ocular problems then they are referred to the Ophthalmologist for further testing.

Children who attend Optometry clinics are assessed by the Orthoptist and have dilating drops (cyclopentolate 1%) placed into the eyes. This allows the Optometrist to perform an accurate glasses test and check of the health of the eye (refraction, fundus and media check). Parents are given a voucher to take to any community optician to have glasses made up for their child.  Children are then followed up by the Orthoptist on a regular basis to ensure vision is developing normally.

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