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Telephone: 01942 244 000

Special Education Needs Service

Aims of Service

An Orthoptist in a clinicThe service aims initially to assess visual levels of the child and identify any other ocular defects e.g. squint, loss of field of vision.

The degree, extent and, nature of any problem is identified as quickly as possible to ensure maximum visual potential with early intervention and an estimation made of the impact these visual problems are likely to have on the child.

Overview of the service

The Orthoptist has an extensive understanding of the visual system which includes development, binocular interaction and ocular motility and how defects in these areas impact on the childs life.

The Orthoptist investigates and treats ocular conditions that occur in babies, children, adults and patients with special needs.

The orthoptist can detect, diagnose and manage strabismus (squint), amblyopia (lazy eye) and ocular defects. The orthoptist can formulate strategies to assess and manage other ocular defects which children with Special Education Needs (SEN) may exhibit.

The Orthoptist works alongside other professionals including Optometrists, Sensory Support Teachers, Ophthalmologists, Teachers, and Paediatricians.

Service delivery

The orthoptist delivers a service to the following:

  • Children with severe/specific learning difficulties /or complex needs attending Hope,Hawkley Brook college, Oakfield school and college, New Greenhall, Montrose, and Landgate special needs schools
  • Children with special education needs who are fully integrated into mainstream schools
  • Children attending the child development centre at Platt Bridge