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Referrals - Children's Audiology Service

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Making a referral
We have an open referral system. Anyone can refer to the audiology service including parents/carers.


Referrals from parents/carers
If you would like to refer your own child to the audiology service, please use our self referral form.
Alternatively you can phone 01942 482450 to make a referral over the phone.


Referrals from professionals
If you are a professional, you must gain consent from the parents/carers prior to making the referral.
Professionals must use the service professionals referral form.

Referrals should be sent to:
Platt Bridge Health Centre
Rivington Avenue
Platt Bridge


All referrals are considered by an audiologist before being accepted for assessment. Any referral that cannot be accepted is sent back to the referrer with an explanation or requesting additional information so that the referral can be reconsidered.

Once a referral is received and accepted, parents/carers will be sent a letter asking them to phone the department to make a convenient appointment at a range of locations.

If parents/carers do not respond within 10 working days to our letter, the child is discharged from the service.

All children are seen for an initial assessment within 6 weeks of referral.

The audiology service is free at the point of care.