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Community Blood Transfusion Service

The blood transfusion team are a team of experienced community nurses with the knowledge and skills to deliver blood transfusions in the home environment, including nursing and residential homes.

The nurse will stay with the patient from the start to the finish of the procedure which will be two to four hours, depending on which and how many products are being transfused.

This service is offered to patients with a large range of haematological conditions who would prefer to have the transfusion at home or who are unable to attend the planned investigations unit for various reasons.

Who can access the service?
Anyone who is 18 years and older who are under the care of the haematologist at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary and live in the Wigan Borough.

Patients must have had a previous transfusion with no adverse reactions.

How can people access the service?
Referrals are made through general practice or the hospice consultant to the planned investigation unit at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary.

Where is the service offered?
Wigan Borough in the home environment, including nursing homes and residential homes.

Contact details
Referrals through: 

Planned Investigations Unit
Royal Albert Edward Infirmary Hospital
Wigan Lane

Telephone: 01942 822941