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There are approximately 600 children living in Wigan that are placed in care of a local authority.

These children and young people might be living with foster parents, at home with their parents or other family members, under the supervision of social care, in residential children’s home or other residential settings like schools or secure units.

Providing a secure, caring environment can help children and young people overcome their early life experiences.
It can ensure that children in care are given the best chances in life. It is crucial that children in care are helped to develop strong, trusting and stable relationships with their carers, social workers and other professionals.

Children up to the age of 5 years (prior to starting in reception school) have their health needs supported by the Health Visiting Team.

From the age of 5 to 18 years, health needs will be supported by the Children in Care Nursing Team.
As Children in Care Nurses, we aim to support children and young people in meeting their individual health needs.

Interventions available:

  • Sleep
  • Smoking cessation
  • Drug & alcohol
  • Sexual health – STI screening, pregnancy tests, issue of condoms, contraceptive advice
  • Enuresis support
  • Health eating
  • Emotional wellbeing

Our local offer:

  • Annual review health assessments
  • Referrals to other specialist agencies
  • Regular support visits
  • Attendance at multi-professional meetings
  • Brief intervention work
  • Health promotion activities
  • Foster carer training
  • Liaison with other health services
  • Provision of advice and guidance
  • Health advisor to other agencies