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IHA preparation

What is an Initial Health Assessment (IHA)?
When a child or young person comes into care of the local Authority they will have an Initial Health Assessment (IHA).
This is a statutory health assessment that is required to be completed within 28 days of coming into care.
It is completed by a paediatrician or an appropriately trained medical practitioner.

What will happen at my IHA?
The assessment consists of a general discussion about the child or young person’s health and general wellbeing.
There will be an opportunity for the child or young person to discuss any concerns or worries they may have.

Who will complete my IHA?


Dr Felvira Godinho


Review Health Assessment (RHA) preparation

What is a Review Health Assessment (RHA)?

Like the IHA, the Review Health Assessment (RHA) is a requirement that all children and young people who are looked after have an RHA completed once a year.

This is an opportunity for information to be gathered about a child’s health through conversation with them and their carer.

Why we do RHA’s?
By completing an RHA once a year with the child or young person, this gives us the opportunity to look at all aspects of a child’s lifestyle and to ensure the child or young person is getting all the care that they need.

It also gives the child an opportunity to ask questions about how their body works or talk about anything that may be worrying them.

What you should have ready for an RHA?

  • Any health concerns that you wish to discuss
  • Up to date dental dates (last dental date)
  • Last opticians appointment
  • Last attendance to GP and reasoning
  • Strength and difficulties questionnaire completion
  • Pre-assessment voice of child form.

Where does my RHA take place?

  • Home setting/placement
  • School
  • Health centres

We encourage this to be the choice of the young person or child however it is normally more likely to have completion at home setting.

The health RHA can take anywhere from 60 – 90 minutes.

There will be a point in the assessment where the nurse will ask to see/speak with the child or young person alone.

This is nothing to worry about this is purely to have the opportunity to discuss possible confidential issues or chance to speak in private if they are concerned about anything.

SDQ Form

The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) is a screening tool we use to establish any possible issues that may need addressing or support linked with:

  • emotions
  • concentration
  • behaviours
  • hyperactivity

The questionnaire consists of a series of questions with 3 choices of answers. Each answer has a score. The overall questionnaire is then scored out of 40.

The scores will then indicate if any support/further action is required.

This will be for the CIC nurse to assess accordingly and may form information for further assessments.