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Telephone: 01942 244 000

Fracture Liaison Service

The aim of the Fracture Liaison Service is to promote information about bone health and osteoporosis in Wigan Borough.

By increasing education in the local community and encouraging the uptake of lifestyle changes, such as exercise and diet. Also by receiving assessment and medicines as indicated, which can improve bone health.

The service seeks to prevent future fractures in patients, which could have a positive effect on future fracture trends and hospital admissions.

Who can access the service?
If you are concerned about bone health please contact your GP or Health care professional. Referrals will be sent directly from fracture Clinic at Wigan and Leigh.

Where is the service offered?
The service is offered across Wigan Borough, clinics will be held at Boston House, Claire House, Lower Ince, Leigh Health centre and Standish clinic.

Contact details
Fracture Liaison Service
Claire House
Lower Ince
Telephone: 01942 481227
Fax: 01942 481228

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