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Macmillan Allied Health Professionals Team - Community


Description of service

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational
  • Therapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Nutrition and Dietetics

We are health professionals who have undertaken specialised training to provide care for patients who are living with cancer and / or other life limiting diseases.
We work with people who are experiencing difficulties in their everyday life as a result of their illness or its treatment. This can be at any point in time before, during or after treatment.

Who can access the service?
Referrals are accepted for patients who are:

  • registered with a Wigan Clinical Commissioning Group General Practitioner
  • resident within the Wigan Borough and not registered with a GP

and who:

  • have a complex cancer and/or specialist palliative care rehabilitation need
  • are experiencing difficulties as a consequence of the complexity of their cancer diagnosis
  • have specialist palliative care needs in the end stages of life limiting illness.

Informed consent for the referral must be gained.

How can people access the service?
Referrals are accepted for patients aged 18 and above from all health and social care professionals within Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust and neighbouring NHS Trusts if the criteria outlined above are met.

Referrals may be made using the Contact Assessment Form which can be faxed (secure fax) directly on 01942 524208 or posted to the address below (see contact details).

Self referral for assessment by the Macmillan Allied Health Professionals Team may be made by phoning or writing to the team at the address below (see contact details).

Please be aware that the team will need to contact your General Practitioner and / or other medical professionals involved in your care before you can be considered for assessment.

Please note: Referrals for patients who do not meet the criteria of having complex cancer and/or specialist palliative care needs will be returned to the referring agent for referral onward to the general community teams or other specialist teams as appropriate.

Where is the service offered?
Appointments may be offered in one or more of the following places according to need:
Patient’s own home

  • Wigan and Leigh Hospice either in the Outpatient Clinic, Day Hospice or Inpatient Unit
  • An NHS Community Clinic
  • Patient's own home
  • other locations as required

Relaxation Techniques
These relaxation tracks have been produced by Macmillan Occupational Therapists.

It is for use as part of your relaxation programme, as advised by your qualified health care professional. Make time to listen to the tracks in a quiet, uninterrputed environment.

Make sure you will be comfortable while you are listening. Sit in a well-supporting chair or lie on a bed. Start the tracks and follow the instructions.

After listening to all of the tracks, feel free to choose which combination of tracks will suit you best.


Relaxation is a skill that can, with practice, be learned and enjoyed.

Track 1 - General Explanation
Track 2 - The Breathing Exercise
Track 3 - A Quick Body Check
Track 4 - Laura Mitchell Relaxation
Track 5 - A Guided Visualisation

Contact details
Macmillan Allied Health Professionals Team
Wigan and Leigh Hospice
Kildare Street
Telephone: 01942 525566
Fax: 01942 524208