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Tissue Viability Service

Description of service
The Tissue Viability Service (formerly known as the Leg Ulcer Service) provides specialist and expert advice and care to patients suffering with pressure ulcers, trauma injuries, abdominal wounds, fungating lesions etcetera.
The Tissue Viability Nurses are totally committed to ensure the delivery of high quality, cost effective care by developing and sustaining evidence based care.
This is achieved by keeping up-to-date with relevant research, audit, teaching and supporting all health care professionals throughout the Trust.
We aim to provide easy access to clinical excellence for all patients with venous leg ulceration and nursing care and support to those patients who require it.
We work in a learning environment conducive to the needs of both individual patients and staff.
Optimum care to patients with complex leg ulcers and associated skin conditions, the Tissue Viability Nurses and Dr. Stewart, Consultant Dermatologist, hold a joint clinic once a month at the Prosser White Dermatology Centre, Leigh Infirmary.
The benefits of this clinic are – easy access to specialist opinion, a more efficient and effective referral system, collaborative working (which provides a ‘wider picture’), excellent communication in primary and secondary care and a seamless service.

The Tissue Viability Service provides education, guidance and support to fourteen highly effective community Leg Ulcer Clinics run by District Nurses who have completed a mandatory in house training programme which enables them to provide evidence based care.
The Walk-In Centre, also manned with highly trained staff, provides a flexible service to suit the needs of working patients with leg ulceration.
Throughout all clinics, patients are encouraged to take responsibility for, and to influence, their own health outcomes.

Who can access the service?
All patients of any age within Wigan Borough are eligible for this service. Referrals to the service are accepted from all allied Healthcare professionals, General Practitioners, Consultants, Nursing Home Staff, Acute Hospital Trusts and self referrals.
Referrals are received in to the service via either the Tissue Viability referral forms and these are usually received via fax from hospitals, District nurses, Dermatology, Vascular Consultants, GPs and Nursing Homes.
Referrals are triaged from the information given. Response time varies depending on the severity of the wound.
An urgent appointment could be seen within one week and a non urgent appointment within six weeks.

How can people access the service?
Referrals are accepted from all sources. All referrals are received centrally either by letter or fax. They are then triaged by a specialist practitioner. The urgency of the referral and the most appropriate setting for a consultation will then be decided. Further information/ consultation maybe necessary with the referrer.

Contact Details
The Tissue Viability Team
Ashton Clinic
Queens Road
Telephone: 01942 483030

Where is the service offered?

  • Leg Ulcer Clinics are held on the days and times shown in the table below (these sessions are led by our District Nurses):
  • Ashton-in-Makerfield (01942 775309) – Monday PM
  • Atherton (01942 481007) – Thursday PM
  • Boston House Health Centre (01942 482100) – Wednesday PM
  • Golborne – (01942 775505) Wednesday PM
  • Hindley Health Centre, Liverpool Road (01942 254231) – Thursday PM
  • Leigh, College Street Health Centre, (01942 775450) – Wednesday PM
  • Longshoot Health Centre (01942 775646) – Tuesday PM
  • Chandler House Health Centre (01942 481477) – Tuesday PM
  • Platt Bridge (01942 482311) – Tuesday AM
  • Pemberton PCRC (01942 775845) – Wednesday PM
  • Standish (01257 501307) Tuesday PM
  • Tyldesley (01942 881947) – Tuesday PM
  • Walk-In Centre, Leigh Infirmary (01942 672333) – Monday – Friday 8.30am – 7pm

In addition, patients are seen in:

  • Nursing Homes, Borough Wide
  • District Nursing Teams within Ashton Leigh & Wigan Community Healthcare
  • Intermediate Care Homes
  • Podiatry Clinics