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Who We Screen

We screen women aged 50 years up until their 71st birthday

All women aged 50 years up until their 71st birthday who are registered with a GP are eligible for screening. A list is compiled from GP records, so it is important to make sure your details are correct.

The invitation is sent out automatically, so there is no need to phone and make your own appointment. All women will receive their first invitation for a mammogram sometime between their 50th and 53rd birthdays.

We invite doctor’s practices for screening in turn, so women will not necessarily get their invitation in the year that they turn 50. As long as you are registered with a GP, you will receive an invitation before your 53rd birthday.

Women over 71

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, screening services are not able to offer breast screening for women aged 71 and over at the moment. We do not yet know when this situation will change.

Anyone with concerns about unusual breast changes should speak with their GP as soon as possible. The GP can refer for tests if necessary.